DIY Kids’ Art Display

When my boys were first learning to use scissors, all they wanted to do was cut paper into hundreds of little pieces over and over again. At first, it was just art in the form of messy piles on the floor. Then they learned to apply glue to paper and their art transitioned from residing on the floor to being heaped on construction paper with an abundance of sticky white paste.

For at least a year, these crazy collages accumulated. Occasionally, we would branch out and do a more structured craft or more often paint masterpieces with our watercolors.

Now the preferred art projects involve either a (very specific) black pen and spiral notebook, or crayons and dinosaur coloring books.

No matter what the medium is or how messy the process of creating the art was, the end result should be displayed with pride. Today on Day 2 Day Joys I’m sharing a simple DIY project for displaying your kids’ art. It’s quick, inexpensive, and an easy way to rotate through projects without creating clutter. Check it out and make one soon!

DIY Kids' Art Display

Salt Dough Scripture Valentines

My kids are getting old enough now that our holiday traditions are not just things we are starting but things we have actually done in years before.

We made gingerbread houses with friends for the second year in a row this Christmas. The same friends came over to celebrate my middle child’s birthday. And the boys rolled out dough and painted salt dough hearts to give away on Valentines’ Day just like last year.

Salt Dough Scripture Valentines

We made these last year and passed them out to everyone at church. No exaggeration– we go to a small church and everyone received at least one heart. The hearts were a spur of the moment project as we were cooped up with cold temperatures outside and a brand-new baby inside. The project was a great way to spend some quality time with my boys and to give some of their energy a constructive outlet. Besides, it was very sweet for this mama to watch her littles passing out Valentines to friends and family at church.

Salt Dough Scripture Valentines
My boys painting their hearts last year. Baking trays work GREAT for containing paint messes. 

I don’t have any deep thoughts on whether or not Valentines Day is more than just a commercial holiday designed to get us to buy overpriced chocolates or how there are people who go over the top celebrating the holiday. But, with most things, I think that we choose to make it what we want.

Which means that we can make it another opportunity to make much of the love of Christ and His commands to love one another. 

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10 Minute Infinity Scarf Tutorial

After being teased with sunshine and warm weather at the beginning of the week, I feel like winter’s end should be much nearer than it is. But then I am just jarred back to reality when I realize that it is still January and we will likely have to weather (see what I did there?) a few ice storms and maybe even some snow before we get to trade in our boots for sandals.

I am determined (resolved?) that this winter will be different than my usual weeks of pining after spring. And my biggest plan to make this happen? Not be cold all the time.

Sounds simple, I know. But that’s pretty much it. I hate being cold. So this year, it’s lots of fires in the fireplace, actual wool in my sweaters, and (my favorite part) scarves around my neck almost everyday.

10 Minute Infinity Scarf Tutorial

I made this pink scarf a couple of days ago. I based it on one I’ve had for a couple of years that I wear the most often. Maybe part of why I wear it so much because it’s gray. But another big part is because it is SO SOFT and hangs just right.

I’m really excited to share this tutorial with you all.  In fact, I was so excited to share it that I awkwardly stood in the rain and let my husband take my picture while I awkwardly posed and tried to figure out a smile that wasn’t too awkward. (Did I mention that I felt a little awkward?)

10 Minute Infinity Scarf Tutorial

You can make it for less than $10 and in less than 10 minutes. One cut. And one line of stitching 20 inches. And that’s it!

10 Minute Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Materials Needed

  • 1 yard jersey knit fabric
  • coordinating thread


1. Fold the fabric in half and cut a piece 28″ x 20″ (unfolded 56″ x 20″) –see picture below.

10 Minute Infinity Scarf Tutorial

2. Sew the short sides together (opposite the fold) to form a loop.

10 Minute Infinity Scarf Tutorial

3. Flip the loop so the right side of the seam is facing out. Stretch it a bit and the edges will roll in. Fold it in half widthwise and loop it around your neck twice. And you’re done!

10 Minute Infinity Scarf Tutorial

10 Minute Infinity Scarf Tutorial


You may also be interested in checking out these tips for beginning sewers and this tutorial for a flannel infinity scarf.