Who Sends the Snow?

Another week is starting with snow on the ground. The morning is gray and the trees behind my house are bare for miles. The blanket of white and the dreary forest is actually quite beautiful.

Beauty notwithstanding, I don’t love the snow and would much prefer March to be starting off with mild temperatures and sunshine. But as I was reminded this morning, I cannot control the weather. Duh, right? But I have a point.

Last night we finally made it out of the house after being cooped up for about five days. We needed groceries and we really needed to stretch our legs. As we pulled into the Costco parking lot, My four year old made a comment about how he did not like weather. Not just cold or rain or ice, but the all-encompassing term weather. It was four year old hyperbole and it made me laugh.

Who Sends the Snow? {Teaching our children about God's control and love in the weather}

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What I’m Loving- Edition 2

It’s time for the second installment of “What I’m Loving” where I get to share the trivial and the sweet and the yummy and whatever we are generally loving at our house.

I hope it’s fun and you get a new idea or two. And, in the spirit of caring and sharing, I’d love to hear what you are loving for yourself, your kids, or your home in the comments below!

What I'm Loving- Edition 2

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