Quiet Book

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My kids’ quiet book is almost five years old now and is still going strong. I thought I would share its pages today since I often hear that friends want to make one their own quiet books.  I was initially inspired by some bloggers’ great ideas and getting inspired is a great place to begin.

Make a quiet book for toddlers and preschoolers! It's a simple and fun way to keep little ones occupied!


I first made this when my eldest son was around a year old. I think. It’s been almost five years and anything past a week is hard to remember at this point. (Which is why I’m so thankful for Chatbooks, but that’s another story).

The book has survived through both my sons’ toddler years and is now being enjoyed by my daughter. It’s a lifesaver with a toddler sitting in church, for trips in the car, and really anywhere your little one needs something to do.

The good thing about a quiet book is that is is mostly very simple sewing with a lot of cutting and piecing, depending on what pages you choose to make. If you don’t have a machine, it’s a great project to sew by hand.

If you’re new to embroidery, but want to incorporate that into your book, I have a few simple tips to get you started.

Raid your scraps stash, stock up on inexpensive felt, plans a few pages and get going! 

Or at least enjoy the pages and the inspiration. “One day” works too. My Pinterest boards are full of “one day” projects.

UPDATE: A friend mentioned on Facebook that this would be a good project to do as a group. I’m so glad she did because I had meant to suggest that making a quiet book is a great thing to make into an exchange party. You know, everyone make ten of one page and then get together to exchange them so that each person goes home with ten different pages.

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The Secret to Overcoming Shyness in A Crowd of Strangers

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I stood there just like always, next to the table but not sitting down. Eyeing everyone else chatting and laughing before things go started. For a few minutes I looked around, trying to appear casual and friendly but really feeling awkward and alone.

No one took the hint that I knew no one and desperately just wanted a friend, so I did what I always did after judging that enough time had passed next to the table. I made my slow walk to the bathroom. Where I slowly looked in the mirror. Slowly went in the stall. And slowly counted the minutes until Sunday school was supposed to start.

Whether I had to use the bathroom or not was not important. I hated the forced mingling time and simply seemed a way to avoid looking as awkward as I felt.

I was a young teenager then, but half a lifetime later and I still get sweaty palms before mingling with strangers or acquaintances.

I used to hide in the bathroom to avoid mingling with people I didn't know, but I've since learned how to overcome shyness when in a crowd of strangers.


My memories of being that frizzy-haired fifteen year old, paralyzed from timidity and fear of what others would think came rushing back this past weekend.

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Crockpot Mexican Lasagna

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Three out of four Sundays at our church. That’s how many times a month our church family sits down together to enjoy a meal and chat about current happenings.

I love that we do this, but at times it can be difficult to figure out healthy, budget-friendly food to bring that will be able to be kept warm until it’s needed and that will not take a long time to prepare in the mornings. Getting my family out the door on time is already hard enough.

Plus, being married to a pastor means I will be left if the departure time is approaching and I’m still cooking in my pajamas. Ask me how I know.  I try to avoid getting left because once my husband leaves, getting three small children and all our bags aplenty out the door takes four times as long.


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