How to Make the Most of a Library Visit

It had been months since our last visit to the library, but today we finally made the trip to check out some new books.

The last time we were at the library left me a little leery of returning again soon. I had taken my three kids to a new library with a beautiful kids’ section complete with a pirate ship to board, a helm to climb, and cushions on which to sit and read.

My boys seemed to be overtaken with the fact that there was a PIRATE SHIP in a library and lost all sense of library decorum as they climbed and yelled and ran around, despite my sharply whispered requests to “be quiet!” and “please settle down!

When I finally realized we just needed to leave, I gathered everyone up and carried our stack of books to check out to the librarian.

Trying to keep things simple, I only had my library card and my car keys on me. So when the librarian told me the steep overdue fine I would have to pay before checking out our books, our visit became a complete bust. No money. No books.

How to Make the Most of a Library Visit: 5 Kinds of Books to Check Out Every Time

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Take Kids Out to Eat Without Losing Your Mind

We just arrived home late yesterday afternoon from our two-week road trip visiting family and friends in three different states. Today is all about recuperating and settling back into our home, and I’m hoping that a large part of the day will find me resting in bed!

I’m still working on finishing up part two and three to what was probably the most important travel advice that I could give after our trip. It may not be what you expect so be sure to check it out before your next trip.

Take Your Kids Out to Eat Without Losing Your Mind

Today I’m sharing Ten Tips for Eating Out with Small Children {and Enjoying the Meal!} at Intentional By Grace. After two weeks on the road and away from the ease of being home with our kids, I definitely know how hard it can be to remove kids from their routines and take them out to eat.

I also really believe it is possible to take kids out to eat and still have it be a fun and a great time for the family to get out together. Go check out the tips and share any more tips that have worked for your family in the comments there!


Want Happy Kids on Road Trips? Travel Advice You Don’t Want to Miss!

This morning we are about to start the third segment of our annual family road trip.  Day nine of fourteen days traveling through Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina visiting family and friends.

Over the course of the trip, we will have spent over sixty hours in the car, slept on four different beds, visited in six homes, and hugged the necks of dozens of friends both old and new.

Traveling by yourself can be taxing, but when you add three small children who thrive on routine and familiarity, being on the road for an extended amount of time can be downright difficult.

Travel Advice for Road Trips

And yet, for many of us, if we want to see people we love and give our children new experiences, taking kids on road trips is simply a part of life. (And worth it).

We have had a wonderful trip so far and I am so thankful that we have the resources to take the occasional road trip. We started our trip all together (my husband, myself, and our three kids) with a full and fun time in Florida. Then my husband had to return to life and responsibilities, while the kids and I carried on the tour alone.

Travel Advice for Road Trips

I want to share with you what has made the biggest difference in helping my kids cope with the stress of traveling. This one habit has benefited us at bedtime, during fun outings in new places, while being buckled up for hours, and with our overall attitudes and behaviors.

Advice you don’t want to miss on your next road trip with kids…

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