A Week In the Woods

A Week in the Woods: When I Wanted to Quit and Why I Was Glad We Didn’t

“So I’m about to spend a week in the woods with a preschooler, a toddler, and a baby. Am I crazy?!”

Two of my friends received this message the night before we left to go camping. We were in full packing mode and the sprawl of supplies extended throughout the whole house. My husband joked that we were bringing half our possessions.

A Week In the WoodsThat message coincided with the realization that our endeavor might be borderline lunacy. Either we were in fact crazy or we knew that there was enough potential for the incredible to push past the hard parts.

To say our kids were excited would be an understatement. Our much anticipated trip had arrived and finally we could answer their incessant queries of “when” with a simple “tomorrow”.

We told friends and family that we would be gone for a week. My only request was that they would pray that everyone slept.

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Classic Meaty Lasagna

Classic Meaty Lasagna

Classic Meaty Lasagna

If you come to our house for dinner, chances are good that I will serve lasagna for dinner. A filling and delicious dish that can be made ahead of time and kept warm, it’s a great option for a meal shared with friends.

My first memory of preparing lasagna was at a family member’s house when I was in sixth grade. I remember being in awe that my grandmother was going to make a lasagna, because to me, a lasagna was an extremely fancy and complicated dish to make. All those layers that had to be put in just so. I was impressed.

Lasagna doesn’t have to be very complicated, though. There are layers, certainly, but in reality, once you have all the ingredients ready to go, it assembles quickly and bakes without fuss in the oven.

Back before I thought it was good fun to make everything from scratch at home, I made delicious lasagnas with boxed noodles, spaghetti sauce bought in jars, and ricotta and mozzarella from plastic containers. Yum. Seriously, lasagna is Comfort food with a capital C.

Now, I take a little more time to assemble a lasagna full of homemade goodness. Fresh pasta noodles. (Lasagna noodles are definitely the easiest pasta you can make). Fluffy ricotta cheese just made on the stove. (Did you know you can make ricotta cheese on your stove only using milk and lemon juice in one hour?! Yep. Ricotta happens a lot here now). Spaghetti sauce simmering or previously made ahead.

It’s your choice whether you choose a deliciously convenient lasagna or a delectable homemade lasagna. Whichever you choose, plates are sure to be eagerly cleaned and seconds are likely to be requested. Just be sure to invite some friends over to share it because lasagna is not meant to be eaten alone.

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DIY light sabers

DIY Light Sabers

Don’t you just love it when you have a moment of inspiration that doesn’t cost anything and that has the potential to make your children very happy?!

Certainly not an everyday occurrence, but I will gladly take these moments when they come!

DIY light sabers

Yesterday morning I was picking out clothes for my boys so they could get dressed before breakfast. I grabbed a new shirt that I recently found at Goodwill and showed it to my oldest son, Jack. The shirt is a parody on Stars Wars. More specifically, it is a “Sea Wars” shirt from the Georgia Aquarium.

My boys don’t know much about Star Wars since they are still too young to watch it, but they have a vague idea of who Darth Vader is and that he is a ‘bad guy’. Incidentally, if you ask them for a run down of ‘bad guys’, Darth Vader makes an appearance in a very short list, along with other notorious villains like Goliath and Zac from Wild Kratts who is always trying to hurt animals.

Seeing the light saber on his shirt, I had an idea. I asked him if he wanted me to make him a light saber. Duh. Yes please!

Literally, in about three minutes, Jack had a light saber that lit up and there was one less piece of trash on our garage floor. It was a win-win.

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